Written by Doug Harvey

When we met it was deja vu
You knew me, I knew you
You knew the story of my life
I knew you would be my wife
Another time, another place
Another name, another face
I knew I’d known you
Time after time

‘Round and ’round
In the womb of time
Our two lives intertwine
As each generation lives and dies
We write chapters in our lives
Ever since the world began
You’re my woman, I’m your man
Our love will survive
Time after time

Over, over and over
Again and again and again
I’ve learned
That you’ll be with me in the end
‘Til the end of the line
And I know
That you’ll be in all of my lives
Time after time

Every time our glances meet
My heart beats an ancient beat
There’s a ghost inside my soul
That knows your face and can’t grow old
Ever since the dawn of time
I’ve been yours
And you’ve been mine
Our love will survive
Time after time

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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