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Written by Doug Harvey

He’s got it all, everything you need.
I know he loves you just as much as me.
He can’t make you laugh and he can’t see
What matters most to you, what sets you free.

When I’m next to you it’s clear to me;
We belong together – why can’t you see
That I’m the one for you and you’re the one for me.
It’s all up to you – it’s him or me

Time will tell what will be.
Maybe you’ll choose him,
Maybe be with me,
I don’t know how it will go
Time will tell

Should I call you or stay away.
Sometimes I just don’t know how much to say.
You’ve got your doubts; you’ve got your fears.
Only time will tell if I’ll be here

Time will tell if we’ll be together.
Only time will tell if we can weather
All the ups and downs,
All the ebbs and flows.
Only time can tell which way it goes.

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© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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Copyright © Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music