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Written by Doug Harvey

I fell in love with you
The first day we met
And the first time I kissed you
Was as good as a kiss ever gets
But now we’re just talking in circles
Like a game of Russian roulette
It’s not going work in the long run
And though my heart hasn’t given up yet
I’m just wasting my time

Nobody’s perfect
We made our mistakes
We tried to start over
Those attempts just didn’t take
That good loving feeling is missing
There’s some things you don’t try to fake
So I’d best accept that’s over
And try to put on the brakes
Stop wasting my time

We had some good times together
Laughter and pleasure galore
Nobody could know you better
Nobody will love you more
I guess we’re just two star-crossed lovers
Making love and then making war
I’ll wave the white flag and surrender
I just can’t fight anymore
I’m wasting my time

Repeat last line

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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