It’s another hot humid cloudy day,
The winds are blowin’, it looks like rain
Hottest year on record, so they say
We got a problem that’s not goin’ away

Louis Armstrong sang “What a Wonderful World”
Like he was in love with a beautiful girl
I want to go outside and feel that way
Looks like Armageddon is comin’ our way


If you want to make the world a better place
If you want to do something for the human race
You can’t put it off, you got to act today
Because you know that we can’t go on this way

Eight billion people, give or take a few
Everybody’s got to eat, so what can you do?
Well, you can’t close your eyes and look the other way
We’ve got a problem that ain’t goin’ away


If you want to drink clean water and breathe fresh air
That SUV won’t take you there
‘Cause this old world can only take so much
You just might not want to push your luck

Repeat Chorus

Don’t you know things have got to change
If you want this world to be the same
If we stay this course, if we stay in this lane
Chances are we’re gonna lose this game

You can win without fighting; you can fight and not win
When you duck the truth you’re committing a sin
When they kick you out of heaven you can’t get back in
No matter how you shuck and jive, or how you spin

Repeat Chorus

You can fool some people all of the time
They’ll take the bait hook, sinker and line
But don’t kid yourself, it’s all about greed
It’s all about taking much more than you need  
We can’t go on this way  
We can’t go on this way
We can’t go on this way  
We can’t go on this way
You know,  we can’t go on, we can’t go on
We can’t go on, we can’t go on this way

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

Appears on

American Delusion cover
American Delusion