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Written by Doug Harvey

When it’s over
How do you know that it’s over?
When the other one decides that’s it
How do you know when to quit?
When for awhile there’s no contact
How do you tear up the contract
When all you want is your lover
Back in your arms

That feeling
You know that sinking feeling
Every day, every hour, every minute
Has no word from your lover in it
You can’t reach out and touch
The one you still love so much
You never knew that love
Could be such pain

When it’s over
How can you teach your heart not to care?
You still reach out in the night
Even though you know she’s not there
You remember all the good times
All the letters, the laughter and fun
When it’s over you realize
You’re coming undone

You never know the end for sure
‘Cause love is never clear and pure
All you know is the hunger and the yearning
And people like to change their minds
Love is foolish, cruel and blind
And lovers have a way of returning

Repeat Chorus

Repeat last line twice

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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