Written by Doug Harvey

I was sitting there minding my business
Sipping a drink at the bar
When a good-looking woman walked in and sat down
She looked like a movie star
I could hear her laugh above the chatter
I could see she had a great big smile
She had a little glint of devil in her eye
I stared for quite a while

I wasn’t looking for a lover
I’d been alone for a couple of years
Then out of the blue, this ingénue
Magically appears

When love finds you
It doesn’t give you any clue
It sneaks right up and takes you by surprise
Then it hits you right between the eyes
When love finds you
There’s nothing that you can do
In a New York minute, before you know,
Love has grabbed you and it won’t let go
No, there’s nothing that you can do
When love finds you

You can spend lots of time and money
Searching for the perfect mate
Love is blind, so it won’t mind
If you strike out on every date
Don’t sign up for OK Cupid
Just forget about Match.com
When love decides to take you for a ride
It hits you like an atom bomb

I know I’ve found a true romance
Not a hookup or a one-night stand
It’s the real deal, the way she makes me feel
I feel like a natural man

Repeat Chorus

Copyright © Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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