Skin head, tattoos
Mama tried and born to lose

White trash, white trash
You can take out the garbage
But you can’t get rid of white trash

Rotgut booze, drinkin’ all night
You broke your nose in a bar fight

Repeat Chorus

The plates expired on your pickup truck
The washer on the porch from Sears Roebuck
Looking for a scam to make a fast buck
Always gripin’ ‘bout your bad luck

Broken teeth, bad breath
Oxycontin, crystal meth

Repeat Chorus

Too dumb for a smart phone
Prepaid minutes with a payday loan

Repeat Chorus


They cut off the lights, cut off the gas
You can’t pay rent ‘cause you got no cash
Got a jive-talkin’ girl with a big fat ass
And another thing you got is no class

White castle, Steak N Shake
State Fair, funnel cake

Repeat Chorus

Trump rally, alt-right
Damn glad you were born white

Repeat Chorus

Who, who is Q?
Who, who, who is Q?
Is Q the genius behind the Kung Flu?
Or a trick or treater who likes to shout “Boo”?


Added sections

Brown shirts, red hats
Blame it all on the Democrats

Stupid is as stupid does
See a black better call the fuzz

You got a big fat head and a tiny little heart
Your IQ fell off the bottom of the chart
You don’t need facts ‘cause you’re so damn smart
Always thinking with your private parts

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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American Delusion cover

American Delusion