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Written by Doug Harvey

When I was younger
I starved from the hunger
Of freedom to do as I pleased.
When I grew older
My freedom rung colder
And burdened my mind by degrees.
The comforts of home shone like a beacon
And beckoned me back home to stay.
But when I returned,
The hunger still burned;
I reckon I’ll be on my way.

You can never go home again
And turn back the clock on the wall.
You can never go home again
There are no comforts at all.

The sound and the fury,
The judge and the jury
Have sentenced the outlaw to live.
His thoughts and his dreams
Seem much too extreme
To comprehend or forgive.
They forced him to go free
Like a storm on the sea
That gambles and rambles around.
And when they released him
They humbly fleeced him
And labeled him lost and found.

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© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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