You Make  Me Sick


You make me sick
Stop acting like a dick
You better get on the stick, slick,
Before we all get sick

This is something new
It isn’t just the flu
You don’t know what to do, do you
You haven’t got a clue

I know that you’re scared of germs
So this is a can of worms
The thought just makes you squirm, Woa,
Bye bye to your second term

Repeat Chorus

We know that you’d rather lie
Then try to understand why
You’d rather let people die, spy.
Dude, you’re an evil guy

It’s spreading like an ugly rash
While you’re just talking trash
Your hotels are bleeding cash, flash,
And your business will probably crash

Repeat Chorus

I know you hope and pray
That maybe it will go away
But Covid doesn’t care what you say, OK?
It’s getting bigger every single day

You got a right to be wrong
And your people all play along
You think it makes you look so strong, Kong
But you’re looking like a big Ding Dong

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music