Written by Doug Harvey

The NSA in the USA
Wants to know what you do and say
Every call you make, every bill you pay
Every night and every day

Big Brother’s got his eye on you
Searching data and collecting clues
Where you spend your money and who you screw
Your fingerprints and retina and tattoos too

Repeat Chorus

There’s so much to see and hear
Things aren’t always what they appear
You need sharp eyes and great big ears
To find a deadly needle in a haystack of fear

Repeat Chorus

There’s a big fat folder with your name on it
All the news that does and doesn’t fit
They got no sense of humor, not an ounce of wit
But when they go to town, man, they just don’t quit

Repeat Chorus

Here’s the fundamental ABC’s
You better watch your Q’s and P’s
Dot your I’s and cross your T’s
And stuff your mattress with do re mi

Repeat Chorus

They got a copy of your address book
Just in case they need to take a look
Searching every cranny, checking every nook
Getting what they want by hook or crook

Repeat Chorus

(Spoken) Say you got a hundred friends on Facebook
And your friends each got a hundred friends
And each of their friends got a hundred friends
In three short steps you got a million friends

Repeat Chorus

If you talk to the FBI
You’ll go to prison of you tell a lie
You can’t tell anyone if they drop by
It makes no sense, don’t ask me why

Repeat Chorus

It’s just no use, don’t even try
To hide from Uncle Sam’s private eye
Just accept that they’re gonna spy
On everything you do ‘til the day you die

Chorus 2

The NSA in the USA
Is keeping track of what you do and say
I gotta say that it’s not OK
Things just don’t have to be this way
I gotta say that it’s not OK
Things just don’t have to be this way

Alternate verses

You need the NSA to help you know
Who’s your friend and who’s a foe
They’ll keep track of everywhere you go
Like a story right out of Edgar Allan Poe

The USA is full of spies
Police detectives and private eyes
You better cross your T’s and dot your I’s
Or you might be in for a big surprise

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Copyright © 2017 by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music